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Our Aotearoa - Episode Two

Producer | Director | Editor: Monica Cordero

After being turned down from multiple jobs in New Zealand,  Yoshi found a position teaching Korean to children. Having lived abroad for 10 years, Yoshi still feels a strong pull to return to Korea when he graduates. If he returns, he is faced with a harrowing decision that could turn his life upside-down: Does he renounce his Korean citizenship and stay in Aotearoa, or join the Korean army?

Our Aotearoa is an animated documentary series that speaks to the immigrant experience in Aotearoa, New Zealand, but universally, the immigrant experience world wide.


Many may not know or understand the internal and external conflicts people face when integrating into a new society & how people cope with this transition. Maintaining connections to one's heritage can be one coping mechanism, whether through food, social media, art, music, or finding an accepting community. Through these connections, one may feel a sense of belonging in an environment that might feel unfamiliar.

In December 2023 the series was publicly released on RNZ (Radio New Zealand) alongside the short film which weaves the three episodes together, created for the film festival circuit.

Awards & mentions:

Best New Zealand Short Film - Doc Edge film festival 2022

Bronze Pin - Best. Design Awards New Zealand 2022

Best Animated Short Film - SWAN Perth International Women in Film Festival

Special Mention - International Festival of Ethnological Film Belgrade

Selection - International Migration Environmental Film Festival

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